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Why you should INVEST in an Interior Designer

So why is it you should invest in an Interior Designer and not do it yourself? I love a bit of DIY but truly great design does not happen by chance. Investing in your environment is investing in yourself.  Don't get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it yourself and I know a lot of amazing houses that people have done on their own who aren't Interior Designers and they look great! But believe it or not an Interior Designer will actually save you loads of money, time, stress and you are guaranteed to get the optimal results for your space.

Interior Designers have spent years of study and have an extensive knowledge of space, style and scale. Every home has ‘that space,” that space that you have no idea how to utilise. That awkward hallway, that space under the stairs, that big old un used built in cupboard, that bedroom nook. Interior designers know how to use space and convert empty wasted space into a practical solution to suit your needs.

We are trained Interior specialists to establish and maximise your style in your home. From the paint colours and furniture, to the artwork and personal finishing touches. A successful Interior is timeless, a design that meets your needs now and years down the track.
We are also visual experts and we see the tings that you don’t see, we can see your home as an overall vision, to make your home cohesive and flow right the way through each space. We don’t just see the pretty things but we also see space saving and cost saving opportunities.
You see an Interior Designer is not just here to pick out some cushions and colours, we completely take the stress out of your hands and do all the tedious & tricky jobs for you also. Your not just hiring an Interior Designer, you are hiring a; project manager, task deviator, organiser, a trade connection, a personal shopper, an expert - all you have to do is have trust in us and we promise to work with you to ensure you are getting the space that YOU love.
So not only will the results be amazing, the process to get there will be more enjoyable as it should be.

But most importantly your interior should be a reflection of you and your personality, that makes you feel comfortable, feel at home, represents who they are, inspires them, motivates them, a place they can call home and feel proud of and that is the most important part of our job.



Ever bought a piece of furniture that looked so good online or in store, but was a too big once you got it home? Ever spent so much time trying to find the right paint colour, the right rug or you just can't seem to even put a picture to mind of exactly what you need!? It may seem like like an oxymoron because hiring a designer will cost you a small fee, but it can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home, it truly is an investment. Sometimes a designer will have trade connections, discounts, will be able to get some furniture at a wholesale rate.  A designer will also work to any budget you have no matter how tight they will know how to get the best value out of what you can spend, you will be sure to know exactly where every penny you spend is going and they will make sure you are staying on budget.
There is also no risk involved as the designer will draw your space up for you before purchasing anything so you can see how everything looks and fits in the space before you commit to buying, nothing is left to chance.


Lets face it we all need more money and more time, so why waste months even years trying to perfect your space. A truly incredible space does not only look good, it feels good & is seamlessly functional, it truly is a science. In one standard room makeover there are over hundreds if not thousands of decisions that need to be made & researched if you want to truly nail an incredible space such as flooring, lighting, paint, walls, window finishes, rugs, every piece of furniture, every decoration, the layout of the room, the cost of each item, the durability, the safety, is it child friendly? etc etc. so you can only imagine how time consuming this is - an interior designer will take all the work and time out for you and do all the research narrowing down the appropriate pieces and then of course cross checking them with you to make sure your happy. A designer will consider every single process from start to finish including how the tradesmen will build the space through to how you will use the space. They will consider everyone that uses the space, how often it gets used, every single activity that will happen in the space & make sure that they are giving you the ultimate solution for this


As listed above there is so much thought, research, time that goes into creating a truly incredible space. For someone who is not an expert in that field it can be a very stressful project. An Interior designer will take this weight of your shoulders & make the process more enjoyable for you by project managing the project, liaising with trades etc. & making sure everything is running on a schedule & to budget. There is no risk involved as before anything gets purchased or implemented they will show you a 3D drawing of your new space & ensure you are 100% in love & happy with the space before setting anything has even started.


The fee you pay for a designer will 100% be invested back to you in the long run. You should view your house like you would your health, the better you treat it, maintain it & any work you do, the quality of food you consume you will get back in health & life. The same is for your house, even just having your house painted the right colour can add major profit if you ever decide to sell your house. Not only is hiring an Interior Designer a financial investment, it is a lifestyle investment, because when your space is set up to inspire you, motivate you, support you - you will find you are more productive, you are proud of your house & you feel inspired by your space, all of which creates a better life for you.


They will work hard to get to know who you are, what your distinct style is, what you need, how your life operates and they will construct the space to ensure it is everything you have ever dreamed of and more. The main aim is to create a space that not only looks amazing now, but years down the track and genuinely makes your life operate better and is your absolute dream space!




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