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About Me...

I grew up with my dad being a builder, and my mum an artist... so I guess I had both practical and creativeness in my blood! As a kid I used to love spending hours in the shed with my dad building all sorts of random stuff, and spent hours with my mum watching her draw and paint. I remember everywhere I went with dad, how observant he was at the buildings, houses, finishes and everything home related, and before I knew it I was exactly the same! I now couldn’t walk into a room without feeling the surface of something in it...... walls, flooring, decor.... so I guess that’s when I knew Interior Design was something I wanted to pursue.

After having 3 out of 4 of my children, I decided it was my time to follow these dreams. I studied via correspondence through a design house in Sydney and completed a double diploma of interior design and decoration.

Now I’m mid renovation on my second personal home, I’ve decided to pusure my dreams, not only as in Interior Designer, but also to share with you my favourite brands and products with an online store.... and also our first brick and mortar store!



A home should be designed for one’s self, not for the accolades of others.
It should reflect the personality of its occupants in a unified and well organised design. I personally believe that “Art does not have to match the furniture” and the contents of one’s home should be created to their own personal style. There should be an elegant and cohesivene design that flows in a well balanced and harmonious rhythm throughout the entire home.
It’s the old amongst the new, The hand made and hand me down, collected much loved, treasured items that make your house a home.
Be faithful to your own taste as that is something that will never go out of style.